Drip Free 8 lb/16 lb Adjustable Air Injection Nozzle with All-Thread Mount

SKU: 96081


FOGCO offers an all solid stainless steel adjustable air injection nozzle with all thread mount that allows you to direct and control the flow of dry fog within your facility. This nozzle includes a spring loaded check valve to prevent dripping when the system shuts down and to prevent any water flow if there is a loss of air pressure in the system. By using these nozzles in conjunction with our air injection control systems you can quickly disperse dry fog in a specified area.

The nozzle can be adjusted 360 degrees and from 45 degrees below horizontal to 90 degrees above horizontal without affecting the mounting or the feed lines. It connects to the control box via 1/2″ low pressure feed line and 1/4″ low pressure branch lines. This nozzle also includes 1/4″ slip lok swivel fittings.

The dry fog nozzle can achieve flow rates from 8 lbs/hr to 16 lbs/hr based on the adjustments in the control box. Flow rates of 8 lbs/hr require 30 psi water pressure, 40 psi air pressure and will consume 1.7 cfm per nozzle. Flow rates of 16 lbs/hr require 40 psi water pressure, 40 psi air pressure and will consume 1.4 cfm per nozzle. The nozzle is rated for use with treated water.

When it comes to reliable humidification systems, our nozzles allow you to customize and control the water anf air flow delivering optimum performance. Order yours today to take full advantage of the FOGCO temperature control systems!

Price per 1 each.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in