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Fogco’s Dust Control and Supression

July 25th, 2019 | Posted by Gary Wintering

Understanding the Science of Dust Suppression Using Mist Humidity is important in many different industries and applications, particularly in areas where dust is problematic. Dust particulars and fine particulate material in the air is a problem in manufacturing, production, and process industries.  Dust can be composed of very fine fibers, actual dirt particles, or materials… Read more »

How to Control Cannabis Odor

July 24th, 2019 | Posted by Gary Wintering

Cannabis plants have a strong odor when they are at the flowering stage of growth. In states where cannabis can be grown legally, there are strict odor control regulations on greenhouses that grow legalized marijuana. Most other crops produce odor as well, but cannabis has the strongest odor, and the most severe consequences if regulations… Read more »

Cycling A Fog System And The Use Of A 3 Phase Motor

December 5th, 2017 | Posted by Gary Wintering

Motors include a number of different ratings.  One of them is Insulation Class (which defines the acceptable temperature rise from ambient for the operation of the motor).  Most 3 Phase motors are rated ‘F’ which allows for a 105 degree C rise (189 F) or H which allows for 125 degree C rise ( 225F)… Read more »

Options In Industrial Portable Misting Fans

August 14th, 2017 | Posted by Gary Wintering

At Fogco, we specialize in a range of different misting, fogging and humidification systems for industrial applications. The majority of our products are designed to be permanently installed in a facility where there is a constant need for dust or odor control, humidification, temperature control or a combination of these requirements. Why Use A Portable… Read more »

Add To That Southern Style With Outdoor Misting Fans

July 17th, 2017 | Posted by Gary Wintering

Everyone loves the summer, but those hot summer afternoons and evenings can make it difficult to enjoy time outside. This is one of the reasons we designed our line of Fogco outdoor misting fans that bring a touch of southern charm to any outdoor living space. If you haven’t seen our patio cooling fans yet,… Read more »