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Dust Suppression Systems – Which One is Best?

By October 5, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

Controlling the amount of dust and airborne particles within a given environment is important, if not essential, for most businesses today throughout various industries.

While the set of desired capabilities will change between industries, there are several types of DUST SUPPRESSION SYSTEMS on the market today making it easy for everyone to find a system that fits their needs. However, with all of the available options how can you determine which one fits your needs best?

Which Dust Suppression System Should I Use?

Here are some of the most common dust suppression systems (and information about them) to help you make an informed decision.

Dry Dust Suppression Systems: A typical dry dust suppression system uses either forced air or suction devices to suck dust from the air, pulling it into a filtration system. This system could consist of fabric bags or special filters designed to trap all kinds of particles from the air.

A standard dry system can remove a lot of dust, but there are several drawbacks to consider:

Dry filtering can be insufficient for some types of dust particles.
This system is designed to work in one specific area. For example, a business may install a hopper over a saw or cutting area. This will remove some of the dust and materials from the process. However, dust can still make its way into the air, which would require extensive dry dust control equipment to be effective.
Maintaining these systems can be expensive, especially if filters must be changed often.

Wet Dust Suppression Systems: The term “wet system” is actually a misnomer. A quality fog system works by using pumps to deliver a very high pressure to specialized nozzles to create very small moisture droplets. These tiny droplets work to literally absorb dust particles out of the air, helping to limit dust without wetting down the environment. This is far more effective than simply passing air through a filtration system and returning it to the environment.

Why Choose Fog Dust Suppression Systems?

As you can see, fog dust suppression systems are much more efficient than standard dry air filtration units. There are no filters to be concerned with and you’ll also enjoy these benefits:

  • Less wear and tear on machinery from dust and debris
  • Safer work environment
  • Less risk of fires
  • Lower risks of explosions
  • “Breathable” air
  • Easier to meet EPA standards

There are added benefits to installing a quality fog system from Fogco. Not only do these systems absorb dust from the air, but they can also remove a great deal of other contaminants including offensive odors. You and your employees will enjoy a much cleaner and fresher working environment as a result.

With the wide assortment of dust suppression systems from Fogco you will be able to find something that fits your needs. Check out our products online today.

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