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Cannabis Humidifier

The Importance of a Cannabis Humidifier

By August 21, 2017December 6th, 2022No Comments

With the legalization of marijuana becoming more common, there are more cannabis greenhouses and warehouses across the country. Each of these locations has different humidity levels, which play into the optimal growth of cannabis crops. Whether you are in a dry climate or even in a moderately humid climate, all cannabis production facilities need cannabis humidifier systems.

How Humidity Affects Stages of Cannabis Growth

The most important feature of any CANNABIS HUMIDIFIER is customization. You should be able to adjust and modify humidity levels at any given time to meet plants’ growth needs.

For example, in the beginning stages of growth, plants need to be maintained at higher humidity levels. Once plants are established, humidity levels can be lowered slightly week over week. During the flowering and late flowering stages, humidity should continue to be reduced and temperature should also be lowered.

Quality Cannabis Humidification Systems

With the use of a quality humidifier and zone controllers, it is possible to pre-plan temperature and humidity levels throughout the entire lifecycle of a cannabis plant. Not only does this avoid errors or miscalculations, but it also provides the optimal growth for each crop, providing increased profits and a better overall bottom line.

At Fogco, we have worked with some of the leading producers of medical cannabis to create the perfect system for any type of growing operation. To find out more about our cannabis humidifier solutions, call us today at 800-607-6478.

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