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Using Misting System Filters to Minimize the Effects of Hard Water

By March 17, 2014January 5th, 2024No Comments
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Most of us have to deal with hard water issues every day, whether it is the shower glass, dishes, or mist system nozzles. We can’t do much about shower glass or dishes, but there are some simple solutions to minimize the impact hard water has on your misting system.

How to Prevent Hard Water from Damage Your Misting System

Barring the use of a reverse osmosis system (very expensive and not very practical for misting systems), we recommend using a polyphosphate filter. The phosphates dissolve over time and provide a coating around the dissolved solids, preventing them from adhering to other objects. In this sense, the calcium is still there, but its effect is minimized.

There is also a simple solution to preventing nozzles themselves from plugging. In addition to polyphosphate, automatic drain valves on mist lines provides two important benefits: 

  1. It will release pressure from the mist line whenever the system is turned off. This will prevent the nozzles from dripping, helping to eliminate calcium deposits.
  2. It will allow water from the mist line to drain, creating a vacuum in the mist line and forcing air to be sucked into the nozzle. This vacuum effect dries the inside of the nozzle and eliminates the slow calcium buildup that is the primary cause of plugged nozzles.

The auto drain valve is a simple spring-loaded valve. Its performance is dependent on the spring tension, but it is also reliable. However, for larger systems or for applications that need a quicker response, electric drain valves can be included on the pump. This approach provides more precise draining and a larger drain port, which creates a stronger vacuum and improved results.

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