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Odor & Dust Control Systems

Understanding Fogco’s Odor Control Methods

By July 20, 2018February 14th, 2023No Comments

Fogco’s Odor Control methodsFor nearly 30 years now, Fogco has been helping companies working within a wide variety of industries with odor control problems. There are so many businesses that could benefit from odor control systems in a big way, including:

Read on to learn more about our odor control methods and how they can help your business.

Fogco odor control methods eliminate unpleasant smells and keep your company in compliance with rules and regulations concerning odors.

Fogco manufactures both indoor and outdoor odor control systems. If you need odors controlled in an indoor environment, we utilize high-pressure fog systems that we can install directly to ductwork or fans that you already have in place. We use these systems to combine a fine fog with an odor control blend mix that will work to neutralize any odors that exist. This fog will not make equipment, workers, or floors in your facility wet thanks to the high-pressure technology we put into place.

If you need odors controlled in an outdoor environment, we will take a slightly different approach. Since we won’t be able to install a fog system on ductwork or fans, Fogco will run high-pressure fog lines outside to create fine fog while using the same odor control blend mix to knock down odors and eliminate them. The chemical reactions that are created when the fog and proprietary blend combine are enough to get rid of most odors in any outdoor area.

In addition to using high-pressure fog systems, Fogco also introduced a new line of FogCannons recently that can handle odor control in larger outdoor areas. These cannons can cover areas that range from just a few thousand square feet all the way up to areas that span over 250,000 square feet. The cannons can be mounted on poles, walls, or trolleys or constructed as part of a self-contained unit on a trailer.

No matter how you decide to tackle odor control, Fogco can help you eliminate any potential health or environmental problems that could pop up due to odors. We can control odors stemming from carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia, and more. Contact us today to learn more and take advantage of our odor control systems.

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