Highlighting the Concept of Humidification Systems

July 11th, 2018 | Posted by Gary Wintering

Highlighting the Concept of Humidification SystemsThere are plenty of different industries that can benefit from the use of an industrial humidifier system. Textile plants, greenhouses, and even cannabis grow facilities have been turning to humidification systems to benefit their businesses.

By controlling the inside humidity and moisture, certain industries can increase their profits and make their entire production process more efficient.

Industrial humidifiers work to control humidity and temperature in a variety of different ways. Many of these systems, like the ones used in greenhouses, have misting systems incorporated into them that can work to regulate the humidity and temperature by increasing or decreasing the amount of moisture in the air.

Other systems, such as the ones used in the woodworking industry, utilize misting systems to help maintain the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) of wood product to prevent it from cracking or splitting. The key to using a humidification system is finding one that’s able to manipulate humidity and temperature quickly and efficiently to deliver desired results.

In companies that are looking to regulate wine storage applications, increasing the relative humidity will reduce the evaporation of wine through the oak barrels. A properly designed and installed humidity control system saves money, making a humidification system a necessity.

Paper production, paper storage, and printing facilities can also benefit from a controlled environment. Paper products can readily gain and lose moisture and controlling the humidity level allows for consistent and improved quality of the products.

Fogco carries humidification systems that are designed to allow you to control the climate in your commercial or industrial space.

For example, the Revolution Series fan by Fogco is one of many innovations in climate control and is appropriate for any commercial or industrial humidification project. It will provide better coverage and more effective humidification when compared to a static line mist system.

A temperature and humidity controller can create and maintain the ideal atmosphere for your application.

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