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Highlighting Fogco’s High Pressure Misting Pumps

By December 6, 2018August 16th, 2022No Comments
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Fogco Misting PumpAre you thinking about adding a misting system to your restaurant, amusement park, hotel, tennis court, golf course, or backyard patio? If so, you’re going to need to invest in a reliable misting system pump to keep it up and running.

Fogco has several misting pumps available from an economical direct drive pump to pumps that can be completely customized to meet specific needs.

Check out more information about our high-pressure misting system pumps below.

60Hz Direct Drive Misting Pump

Outfitted with a low-speed 4-pole motor that doesn’t make much noise, this 1000 psi mist pump is an outdoor unit that can be used for about 8 hours every day when you’re using it under normal conditions. It’s ideal for those looking for an affordable medium-duty pump. It includes everything from an adjustable pressure regulator with internal bypass and a thermal relief valve to an electric inlet solenoid valve and rubber isolation feet.

60HZ Pulley Drive Misting Pump

Are you looking for a misting pump that’s a little bit more heavy duty? This pulley-driven pump is designed to be used 24/7 in both industrial and commercial environments. It has the quality and durability that you’re looking for from an industrial-duty pump and comes equipped with thermal overload in the motor, an integrated exhaust fan, fuse protection for each of the individual branch circuits, and more.

50Hz Direct Drive Misting Pump

Just like the 60Hz Direct Drive Misting Pump, this medium-duty pump can run for approximately 8 hours every day when you utilize it under normal conditions. It also has a low-speed 4-pole motor that is designed to cut down on the amount of noise it makes. Available in a number of sizes for 230V 50Hz, it features a glycerin filled pressure gauge, a thermal relief valve, and an electric inlet solenoid valve.

50Hz Pulley Drive Misting Pump

While this heavy-duty pump has the ability to run 24/7 in an outdoor environment when used under normal conditions, it can also be outfitted with an optional high-pressure safety switch that will help you avoid damage to the pump if your water supply ever disappears. It also comes with an internal circuit breaker that is designed not to rust, an integrated exhaust fan, thermal overload in the motor, and more.

Custom Humidification Systems

Do you need a misting system pump that’s slightly different than the ones we just described? We can help you customize a pump that will meet the needs of your specific misting system. We can build a pump that will stand up to any condition and allow you to control your pump remotely or work your pump into an existing system that you have set up.

If you would like to learn more about any of the misting system pumps you see here, call Fogco at 800-607-6478 today.

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