No Matter What Weather Enjoy Your Deck or Patio

Has the heat outside made it almost impossible for you to sit on your home’s deck or patio? There are many restaurants, theme parks, golf clubs, and other commercial establishments that have installed outdoor cooling systems and outdoor misting systems to help them with this problem. You can enjoy the same benefits at your residential property with home misting systems from FogCo designed to cut humidity out of the equation and make the exterior of your home more comfortable. You’ll be able to sit outside without worrying about the humidity when you have the right misting system for your patio installed.

How Do Misting Systems Work?

The home misting systems from FogCo work by producing water droplets as tiny as five microns. Water droplets this small cause something called flash evaporation to occur, and when it does, it can bring down the temperature in a small area and produce outdoor patio cooling. The effectiveness of outdoor cooling systems will depend on a handful of factors, including the outdoor temperature, the humidity levels of the air, and the air exchange rate. But as long as outdoor misting systems are installed properly, they should be able to keep fresh air coming into a patio area and cool it down with a gentle mist without causing the humidity levels to spike. FogCo offers products like the Revolution and WindChill Series that can control your outdoor climate through evaporative cooling. When used properly, these products can also be used for indoor cooling.

The key to setting up home misting systems that really work is considering the size of your space and outfitting it with the right FogCo products. FogCo invites those interested in outdoor misting systems and outdoor cooling systems to fill out a Cooling System Design Form so that a system can be tailor made to their specifications. We can design an indoor cooling system or an outdoor one based on your specific needs and allow you to enjoy a cooler climate.