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Dust Suppression System

The Science Behind Dust Suppression Systems Using Mist

By June 19, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

Humidity is important in many different industries and applications, particularly in areas where dust is problematic.

Dust particulars and fine particulate material in the air is a problem in manufacturing, production and process industries. Dust can be composed of very fine fibers, actual dirt particles or materials used in production. In many sectors, dust is a detrimental aspect of the workplace as it can pose a hazard to employees as well as to equipment. In some industries dust also creates extreme safety hazards when machinery is in use.

The Importance of Dust Suppression
At Fogco, we understand the importance of using the correct dust suppression system to keep the workplace safe and within regulations and standards. We have designed custom systems for small and large facilities for use both indoors and out.

Dust suppression systems are designed around the principle that small micron sized water droplets are absorbed by the dust particles in the air. These heavier, moist dust particles then fall back down to the ground and remain on the surface. When the nozzles are correctly positioned with regard to the source of the airborne particles of dust it allows the heavier particles to fall back down into the process material, dramatically reducing dust from circulating through the rest of the facility.

Configuration of the System
Our team can work with your engineers and managers to create a customized dust suppression system based on the specifics of the facility. We will assist in selecting the correct types of misting devices and systems as well as the best nozzles based on the size of dust particles.

In some facilities, there may be a need to include additional components to the system for high dust areas, outside dust control or other considerations. With our expertise, we will develop a system that is efficient and designed to work effectively for full dust suppression.

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