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Misting System Nozzles

How to Find the Right Misting Nozzles

By July 11, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

If you are considering the benefits of getting a misting system, then there will be several things you need to take into account so you can ensure that you get a product that will run smoothly for years to come. One thing that is sure to help significantly is to find out what sort of parts your specific model of misting system requires, what their functions are, and how to replace them. Misting systems work by forcing a steady stream of water through a nozzle via a tiny opening or orifice, where it is atomized into miniscule drops of mist. These droplets are then sprayed out into the air. The nozzle is one of the most integral parts of any misting system. Misting nozzles come in a large number of variations and specific models.

The Importance of Getting the Right Misting Nozzle

As with any kind of machine, making sure every component is compatible with your misting system is essential for peak performance, smooth operation and long life. More than any of the other components, the misting nozzle is the one that is most integral and the variety you get will determine how well your system works. It is also important to know which kind of nozzle you should get so if you ever need to replace it, you will know exactly what you need and why. Misting nozzles are useful because they create drops of water that are around 15 millionths of a meter, or microns, in width. The size of the droplets is crucial because they are small enough that they evaporate quickly, rather than collecting on everything around them.

Deciding Which Misting Nozzle You Need

To make it easier to find the misting nozzle you need, they are placed in two main categories: impingement and impellar. The most commonly used variety is the impellar misting nozzle, because it is less expensive and works better than impingement nozzles in most cases. In addition to coming in several distinct sizes to accommodate different system models, you can find misting system nozzles in either a stainless steel or brass finish. You should also consider whether you want a standard nozzle or one that is designed to be easily cleaned. A cleanable nozzle can be removed so you can wash it out and remove foreign objects and debris.

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