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Misting Systems

Uses and Benefits of a Patio Misting System

By October 8, 2015February 16th, 2020No Comments

One of your favorite pastimes may include sitting on your patio and simply immersing yourself in nature. Although your home’s patio may be a popular spot for relaxation or for spending quality time with family and friends, it might be impractical to use it during the sweltering dog days of summer. However, a patio misting system by Fogco Systems Inc. can help you create a patio environment that is cooler and more inviting than you may have ever thought was possible during the hot summer months.

Home Benefits
A patio misting system can quickly cool temperatures down so that you can actually enjoy your patio—an extension of your indoor living space—more often during the year. It also offers the benefit of controlling allergens in the area, such as dust mites and pollen, thus helping to decrease your allergy symptoms. This type of system is also useful as an insect repellant, helping to keep flying insects around your home at bay.

Other Uses
In addition to making your home more comfortable, patio misting systems can be used in many other applications. For instance, they can be placed in an enclosed environment such as a greenhouse, where they increase the humidity level and thus benefit your plants. Specialty stores can also benefit from these systems if they, for example, must keep certain items fresh for customers to buy. Product vendors can benefit from these systems if they operate outdoors as well, as the systems essentially add air conditioning to their environments.

A patio misting system by Fogco Systems Inc. sprays water in extremely fine droplets. Several 1,000 psi misting systems are available, including a direct drive pump unit, pulley drive pump unit or even a fully customized unit. Look for a pulley drive or direct drive pump unit that comes with thermal protection as well as short circuit protection. If you choose a pulley drive pump unit, be sure that it also includes a low-water safety switch, which is designed to keep your unit from running with an insufficient supply of water.

The experts at Fogco Systems Inc. can help you select the right unit for your particular application.

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