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Temperature & Humidity Control System

Temperature and Humidity Control in One, Low-Maintenance System

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Temperature regulation and humidity control are two core functions of high quality misting systems. With a temperature and humidity controller, you can create and maintain the ideal atmosphere for your application. Whether you need a temperature control system for an outdoor commercial area, or a humidity controller for a greenhouse, Fogco Systems can meet your needs. Regardless of your goals, our skilled professionals will work with you to ensure you’re matched with the right temperature control and/or humidification solution. Benefits for Industrial Facilities Tight control over humidification levels is crucial for facilities in certain industries. From woodworking and textile operations, to paper production and storage applications, mist humidification systems offer constant, effective climate control. Some materials, such as paper or wood, can easily be affected by high or low humidity levels. With a humidity control system in place, you can retain the integrity of your materials and finished products with little to no effort on your part. Quality misting systems are generally easy to install, and maintenance is yearly rather than weekly or monthly. Hydrated, Heathy Greenhouses In addition to certain industrial facilities, misting pumps are ideal systems for greenhouses. While the health of a greenhouse isn’t determined by humidity alone, it does have a significant impact on overall production. Plants lose much-needed moisture over time. A temperature and humidity controller gives plants the boost they need by supplying the necessary moisture. As well as mist pumps, fog systems for greenhouses are ideal for circulating nutrients throughout the air – which leads to stronger, larger, and healthier plants. Our mist pumps and/or fog systems are musts for any greenhouse. Keep Heat at Bay The temperature control capabilities of misting solutions are just as impressive – if not more so – than conventional systems. The science behind the system is simple yet highly effective, regardless of temperature. By releasing billions of atomized water droplets into the atmosphere, mist pumps can lower the temperature in an immediate area by as much as 35 degrees F. The innumerable water droplets produced by mist systems burn off heat energy during evaporation and cause drastic temperature reductions. Like other traditional systems, mist pumps operate on a continuous basis – creating a comfortable, temperate indoor/outdoor area.

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