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Pressure Testing a Mist System Installation Behind Stucco

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One of the concepts developed by Fogco includes the installation of a mist line beneath the surface of the structure on patio walls and in the interior of a pool around the pool deck. The result is no visible mist line and nozzles that are recessed into the wall or pool deck.

Since this concept requires the placement of the mist line beneath the surface of the stucco or tile finish, it is critical that the mist line be properly pressure tested before the finish is applied.

To accomplish this, it is recommended that once the mist line has been installed and plugs have been inserted into the mist nozzle openings, the entire system should be pressure tested to 1000 psi for at least 10 minutes. If the pressure in the line holds, there are no leaks and the stucco finish can be applied. If the pressure drops, check the entire system for leaks and re-test. The system should hold 1000 psi indefinitely

To pressure test the mist lines, use a Fogco 1000 psi pump. Add a ball valve and pressure gauge on the outlet of the pump. Connect the mist pump outlet to the mist line and turn the pump on. Check the gauge to be sure it is at 1000 psi. Close the ball valve and turn off the mist pump. Wait at least 10 minutes. The pressure should hold at 1000 psi.

Once the tubing has passed the pressure test, remove the pump, ball valve, and gauge from the mist system feed line and connect it to an existing low pressure water supply and leave under pressure while stucco is being applied to the structure. If the tubing is damaged during the completion of the stucco application, it will be known and can be repaired before the stucco application is completed.

If there is no available low pressure water source, leave the ball valve and gauge assembly attached to the mist feed line to indicate if the feed line has been breached.

The end result of this method of installation means there is no exposed tubing and no protruding nozzles. It is the cleanest mist system installation option available. For more information of specific advice for your misting system installation, contact Fogco Customer Service at 480 507 6478.

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