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Misting System Pumps

What To Consider With A High Pressure Misting System

By June 26, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

There are many different types of misting systems on the market. The vast majority of the do-it-yourself home kits for patio or deck misting systems use a low pressure system. In other words, the pressure through the system is simply the water pressure from the plumbing system in the home, which is typically about 50 psi.

To be considered a high pressure misting system, a separate pump will be used to boost the pressure from the water intake line. For most applications, the pump will provide at least 1000 psi, which is required to produce the large volume of fine mist, which is most often referred to as fog.

The Pump

At Fogco, we provide a range of different styles, designs, and sizes of pumps that will be central to any high pressure misting system. Our pumps are direct drive or pulley drive, and are a true industrial pump. They are designed and manufactured to work 24/7 with limited maintenance needs, high efficiency and safe operation.

We also offer custom high pressure misting system design. We can build a custom pump to meet your needs and then also develop and design a system that will optimize the pump performance to deliver the mist where and when you need it.


Fogco offers either brass or brass and stainless steel nozzles for use with our systems or with compatible systems in the market. We also offer a great selection of nozzle adaptors including extensions, clusters, and plugs as well as anti-drip products and O-rings. We even sell a very handy nozzle removal tool, an ideal addition to any tool kit.

We are one of the few companies that specializes in industrial equipment. Our systems are built to last with each component carefully designed and manufactured for durability, efficiency and top performance.

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