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Misting System Pumps

New Features For Our Custom Pumps

By October 30, 2015February 16th, 2020No Comments

As part of our ongoing commitment to product innovation, we are proud to announce that all our custom fog pumps will now include a PLC microprocessor and a series of colored indicator lights.

As you probably know, we already include an array of upgrades on our custom fog pump range, but these additions take it to a whole new level. We will now be able to custom program each pump to provide specific fog system functionality and improved performance.

The programable PLC will monitor the fog system and provide visual indication of an ‘On’ condition, a ‘Pressure Loss’ condition, and a ‘Maintenance Required’ condition. The PLC can also be programmed to monitor and record other data points that would be useful in diagnosing on-site conditions and in providing product improvements in the future.

This new addition to our custom fog pumps will allow us to provide improved system functionality as we continue to expand the use of the PLC and its extensive capabilities. Stay tuned for further announcements as we continue to add value and quality to the products we produce.

For more details, contact our Customer Service Department.

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