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Misting System Pumps

Choosing A Mist Pump for an Outdoor Area

By August 5, 2016September 28th, 2023No Comments

There are many different components to our Fogco misting systems, but the heart of any system is the mist pump. This pump is just like any other type of pump; it uses a motor to move water through the system, building up the pressure necessary to force the mist along the system and out of the nozzles to provide the fine, cooling mist.

For outdoor use or for indoor cooling systems in commercial buildings, getting the right pump is essential to the success of your system. The pump has to be large enough to provide the volume of mist required to cool the space and area, and it also has to be able to generate enough pressure to create the mist spray. Too small of a pump or an inefficient motor and pump combination will result in a drizzle rather than a mist, reducing efficiency and also limiting the cooling effect.

Important Ratings and Details

To make buying a mist pump easy, we take the time to provide all the specs, ratings and details you will need to choose the right pump for your needs. Of course, you can also call our staff for assistance in making a choice, and we will be happy to answer your questions and make recommendations.

Our pumps are designed to handle a specific volume of water through the system. This range Starts at .25 gallons per minute and can go as high as needed.

There is also a difference in horsepower on our motors which starts at a healthy .5 horsepower and goes up accordingly based upon the gallon per minute flow. . All of our pumps are either direct drive, pulley drive, or variable speed drive and provide outstanding efficiency and are supported with a 5 year warranty.

Size Makes a Difference

The horsepower and the gallons per minute throughput of the mist pump will make a difference for your particular application. The higher the gallons per minute and the horsepower the greater the coverage area will be for the system based on the specific types of nozzles in use.

Most applications, particularly for residential and outside commercial use will utilize standard misting nozzles. These will produce a fine mist that can have various spray patterns to create just the coverage desired based on the specific space and application.

All of our Fogco pumps come standard with a five-year warranty. They are very durable and have a proven track record even over years of extensive use in all types of climates and conditions.

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