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Mounting a mist line

By September 19, 2012February 16th, 2020No Comments

How to Mount a Misting System Line

When installing a typical misting system, you need to decide where and how the line will be mounted. The most common approach is to run the line around the perimeter of the area to be cooled, making sure nozzles are positioned to provide maximum cooling and avoid spraying obstructions.

Where to Position a Mist Line

Since most misting systems are installed after the structure is built, the mist line has to be installed on the exterior of the structure. In some cases, mist nozzles can be pointed down and into the area. However, this can lead to fallout from the misting system, spraying moisture on surrounding surfaces like tables or chairs. 

When installing a misting line, be sure to mount it at a proper height and point it into an area with good airflow. The nozzles should be spaced out properly, and pointed in a position that allows nozzle spray to completely evaporate into a mist, ensuring maximum cooling without added moisture.

For safe operation, missing lines can be placed on the outer side of the perimeter wall. This usually eliminates the possibility of excessive moisture in the patio — but it also means that some mist will spray outside the patio area. Be sure to consult an experienced contractor before installing a misting line in a similar area. 

Whenever possible, we recommend installing the misting system line during initial construction. This allows the actual line to be embedded into the wall, completely hiding the line for better integration and aesthetics.

Installing Mist Lines Behind Walls

Our method of installing mist lines behind stucco finishes utilizes prefabricated copper tubing with specialty escutcheon fittings. This allows the nozzles to be recessed into walls. The specialty escutcheon fitting was originally designed to provide recessed nozzle placement around pool perimeters. This installation design completely removes the line and nozzles from view.

Mounting misting lines behind stucco is common for newly constructed residences. It is also used in commercial and industrial applications, because it adheres to municipal plumbing codes in all 50 states.

Whenever a mist line is placed in a structure’s interior, it is critical that the line contains no mechanical connections or compression fittings. According to all municipal plumbing codes, if a line is going to be placed inside a wall, it must be a permanent connection. For flexible tubing, that means a permanent crimp fitting. For stainless steel, that means a welded connection. For copper, that means a soldered connection. Beware of companies that utilize compression fittings on mist lines that are placed inside walls or other structures. It is not proper building code and will eventually lead to leaks in the misting line, and costly repairs to the structure.

How to Install a Slip-Lok Mist Line

Follow the steps below to properly install a slip-lok mist line:

  1. Assemble the mist system tubing according to the instructions provided. Once the line is assembled, hang the clamps as needed, keeping them loosely secured around the tubing. Place a clamp between each fitting.
  1. Once all of the mist tubing is hung in place, turn on the misting pump and run the system for about 15 minutes. This allows the fittings to collapse onto the tubing, securing them in place. It also creates approximately 1/4″ of expansion of the mist line for each fitting. This will initially cause the mist line to sag between each clamp.
  1. While the system is still running, start at the beginning of the mist line and secure the first clamp. Work your way toward the end of the system, making sure the mist line is tight as you secure each clamp in place. Because of expansion, you may need to remove and reposition some of the clamps on either side of particular misting nozzle fittings.
  1. Once completed, the mist line should be perfectly straight and tight between each clamp. If there is some sagging between clamps, loosen the clamp, pull the tubing tight, and re-secure. For best results, always secure the clamps over the tubing while the misting system is operating under full pressure.

Do you have questions about installing a misting line? Contact Fogco today, and our Customer Service Department will assist you. 

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