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How Industrial Cooling Fans Benefit Your Business

By September 1, 2015February 21st, 2020No Comments

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You invest a lot of time, money and energy into your business, but hot temperatures can easily burn up your profits. One way to add value to your business and thus strengthen your bottom line is to set up an industrial cooling fan. Industrial cooling fans by Fogco can benefit your business in multiple ways.

Odor Control Systems
Industrial cooling fans are an efficient, low-technology and portable option for controlling temperature in the business setting. They don’t require much maintenance and are relatively easy to set up. They are also much more economical than a majority of humidifiers and air conditioners. In fact, this type of fan is the only option that is reasonable when it comes to controlling temperatures in extremely hot locations. The benefits of these fans are most noticeable when the temperature is over 80 degrees Fahrenheit and when the humidity level is low – below 50 percent.

Outdoor Systems
One of the most common uses for cooling fans is for patio seating at eateries. These fans essentially allow these businesses to expand their comfortable dining environments to the outdoors even during the summer months, thus increasing the number of guests they can accommodate and, in turn, boosting their revenues. Other outdoor business applications for cooling fans include golf facilities, tennis courts, arenas, resorts, hotels and theme parks.

Indoor Systems
While cooling fans are helpful for cooling an outdoor location, they are also invaluable for indoor applications. For instance, owners of greenhouses use these fans as humidifiers for cooling general areas as well as hydrating thirsty plants. Clerks at grocery stores can also use these fans to make their produce fresher and thus more attractive to customers.

Industrial workers who operate in heated environments also benefit from these fans because they help create cooler and thus safer work environments. Supermarkets can even use cooling fans to cool their entryways when outdoor temperatures have reached 100 degrees or more.

At Fogco, we provide industrial cooling fans that will improve your business’s reputation and function, subsequently making your customers more comfortable and benefiting your bottom line in the days, months and years ahead.

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