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Misting Cooling Systems

Heat Up Your Revenue With Outdoor Cooling Systems

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It just might be one of the best investments under the sun. Outdoor cooling systems help create a relaxing refuge for your customers so they come, stay longer and spend more.

About Outdoor Cooling and Misting Systems

They’ve been around for decades. After about 30 years of effective industrial cooling to help keep animals cool when air conditioning just didn’t make sense, misting and cooling systems were adapted in the 1980’s for outdoor areas where people could congregate comfortably. Continued improvements in design, components and performance are radically enhancing the experiences of paying customers in hot, humid climates. At Fogco, we have seen the dramatic difference in business for our customers who have chosen to upgrade to outdoor cooling.

Features and Fixtures

Nozzle placement is key for delivering the best cooling for each area and the best comfort for patrons. Systems that deliver 1000 pounds per square inch (PSI) create the finest mist, meaning instant evaporation. No more wet seating and sidewalks. And variable speed pumps reduce wear and tear, conserve water and use up to one-third less electricity.

Zone Controllers, Temp and Humidity Sensors

With a zone controller, like the FOGCOntroller Microprocessor Temperature/Humidity 2 Zone unit, you can control different zones of your mist cooling system based on usage. So, for example, if one area of your patio tends to be busier than another at certain times of the day, a zone controller will help you adjust the cooling system to focus more on the busy areas, helping your water, electricity, and dollars go further. Temperature and humidity sensors help make sure you’re not running the system when it’s not needed.

Filters, Cartridges and Canisters

If you don’t filter your water, you may find an irritating film of white dust on windows, walkways and furniture. This is a result of calcium and mineral particles that had previously dissolved in the water and now settle out of the mist. Fogco’s range of filters includes a phosphate cartridge that eliminates the effects of dissolved solids and calcium from your water supply.

Outdoor cooling and misting systems will make cooled comfort irresistible for your customers, and profitable for you!

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