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Humidification System

Heading into Winter, it’s Time to Focus on Humidification

By September 18, 2014February 21st, 2020No Comments

Green factory 4As we head into winter, we start to see more activity focused on humidification (most climates are drier in the winter than in the summer).  Misting systems are extremely effective at adding humidity to the air without causing fallout or moisture buildup in the surrounding area.

The ideal humidity level will depend on the specific industry but levels between 45% and 55% are typical.  In some greenhouse applications, humidity levels as high as 95% may be required.

Printing operations, paper storage, wood processing, and many textiles plants require increased humidity levels during the dry winter months.  Increased humidity will prevent paper cracking and peeling.  It will also help eliminate static electricity and is a very effective means of dust control.  These improvements can reduce operational costs and improve product quality.

Greenhouse applications benefit from increased humidity in a different way.  By adding moisture to the air, the plants exhibit less heat stress, they lose less moisture through evaporation, and they can more readily absorb the needed nutrients for improved growth.

Fogco offers several products that can take care of humidification in your industrial building.  We offer the traditional static line systems as well as our unique and proprietary Revolution® line of humidification fans.  The Revolution® products provide the added benefit of a focused air stream that improves the absorption of the moisture in the air and ensures even distribution throughout the facility.

These are a few of the most common reasons why artificial humidification is essential to improving the profitability for many different industrial and commercial operations.  Contact Fogco at 800 607 6478 for more information.  Otherwise, keep checking back to our blog as we further explore the many uses and benefits of a Fogco high pressure humidification system.

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