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Misting Cooling Systems

Choosing A Patio Mist Cooling System for the Home

By August 8, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

No matter where you live, hot summer days and evenings can make being outdoors uncomfortable or even unbearable. By installing a quality mist cooling system for your patio, pool deck or outdoor living space, you will be able to take advantage of even the hottest days and evenings and really enjoy outdoor living.

The great news for homeowners considering our Fogco residential mist cooling systems is that they are very energy efficient. With the cool mist instantly cooling the ambient air temperature under the misters, there is very little energy used making it an affordable option that is less costly to operate than outdoor fans.

How Misting Systems Actually Cool

With just a basic understanding of science principles, it isn’t hard to see how effective and efficient misting systems are. The water actually comes out of the specially designed nozzles in a very fine spray, which we call mist.

The water in this liquid form will then flash evaporate and become a gas, which takes heat to complete the transformation. This heat comes from the air surrounding the fine water spray, creating a cooler temperature instantly.

When the mist is generated from very fine nozzles, there is an increase in evaporation and an increase in the cooling effect on the surrounding air. The more nozzles and the finer the mist the more the drop in temperature will be noted.

In some areas, depending on the ambient temperature and humidity, it is possible for the temperature to drop as much as 40 degrees. It is also important to keep in mind these systems, when used in typical humidity conditions, do not increase humidity so you won’t feel damp or have that high humidity effect even when under the misters.

Getting the Right System

We offer a variety of different options in our mist cooling system line. Each system runs off of your existing water supply and we offer different pumps with our systems that will boost the water pressure to create the fine mist that is most effective at cooling.

To choose the correct system, it will be essential to know the square footage of the area you wish to cool. This will allow you to work with our staff to develop the best configuration of nozzles and the placement of the nozzles to effectively mist the entire area and maintain that cool, comfortable temperature.

We sell mist cooling system kits of various sizes, and we can even create custom kits just for your needs. Contact us today and we will work with you to ensure your outdoor space is comfortable all season long.

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