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Add To That Southern Style With Outdoor Misting Fans

By July 17, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

Everyone loves the summer, but those hot summer afternoons and evenings can make it difficult to enjoy time outside. This is one of the reasons we designed our line of Fogco outdoor misting fans that bring a touch of southern charm to any outdoor living space.

If you haven’t seen our patio cooling fans yet, you will be amazed at how these will add a real sense of style and décor to your deck, patio, gazebo, pergola or outdoor kitchen area. They are able to cover up to 900 square feet with a single fan, making them an extremely cost-effective addition for the space.

The Benefit of Mist

As with all of our systems and products, our outdoor misting fans are designed to deliver an incredibly fine mist, actually a fog, which contains individual water droplets that are just microns in size. In fact, each of our patio cooling mist fans features ten of these nozzles positioned around the perimeter of the fan itself.

As the water is forced out of the nozzles, under pressure these fine droplets are formed. As the drops of water come in contact with the hot, dry air a process known as flash evaporation occurs.

The evaporation process draws heat from the surrounding air, dropping the ambient temperature by as much as forty degrees. The fan then blows this cooled air down and over the surrounding space, creating a cooling effect without a direct breeze or the annoying noise of those large outdoor box fan units.

Designs and Options

This series of outdoor misting fans comes in a range of different designer treatments. Each of the fans is powder coated, which means they will stand up to outdoor use without rusting or corroding.

They come in a range of different colors including brown, black and tan. Various design elements will work with any patio, outdoor kitchen, living space, color scheme or design theme.

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