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Misting System Fans

How Can You Benefit from an Outdoor Misting Fan?

By October 14, 2015March 25th, 2024No Comments
outdoor misting fan

Thanks to modern technology, regulating your indoor air has never been easier. However, many home and business owners don’t realize how easy it is to also keep their outdoor areas cool during the balmy summer months. An outdoor mist fan from Fogco is a convenient and cost-effective tool for making any outdoor space more comfortable and inviting during the hottest times of the year.

These fans have been utilized for decades to cool outdoor spaces. They can potentially reduce your outdoor temperature by 40 degrees Fahrenheit without causing a noticeable rise in the area’s relative humidity. That will certainly provide comfort on a hot and humid day! These systems can be used in a wide range of settings, including patios, waterfalls, fountains and golf facilities. They are also useful on tennis courts, in arenas, at theme parks, in restaurants and at resorts and hotels.

How Does an Outdoor Mist Fan Work?

At 1,000 psi, Fogco’s high-pressure outdoor misting fans are designed to deliver an incredibly fine mist — actually a fog — which contains individual water droplets that are just microns in size (as tiny as five-millionths of a meter). Each of our patio cooling mist fans features ten nozzles positioned around the perimeter of the fan itself. As the water is forced out of the nozzles, under pressure, these fine droplets are formed.

With the droplets being so small, “flash evaporation” takes place drawing heat from the surrounding air and dropping the ambient temperature by as much as forty degrees. The process is known as thermal dynamics, and it is effective in that energy is required for water to evaporate. Through the energy exchange that takes place, the fan blows this cooled air down and over the surrounding space, creating an immediate cooling effect without a direct breeze or the annoying noise of those large outdoor box fan units.

How Effective are Outdoor Mist Fans?

How effective your outdoor cooling system is depends on multiple factors, including the current air exchange rate, humidity levels and existing temperature. The optimum efficiency of a mist system requires a heat temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and a low humidity level below 50%. With a constant air exchange rate, a mister will quickly cool an area without raising the humidity levels. In addition, the evaporation of a greater amount of moisture leads to greater cooling capability. An increasing number of commercial establishments are installing misters. Theme Parks, Zoos, city centers and public gardens understand the value and conservation benefits of regulating water resources.

However, misters are not just for commercial establishments; residential uses for cool mist fans are on the rise. There are portable, free-standing, handheld, oscillating mister fans in many makes and models. There are also indoor and outdoor misters that plug into standard electric outlets or are battery operated.

Fogco offers a Revolution Series fan that is actually effective not only for outdoor applications but also for indoor ones. Our experts can assist you in obtaining the type of system that will meet your unique outdoor cooling needs from one summer to the next.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Misting Fan

Fog or mist fans can be a great addition to any patio or outdoor space. With the increase in popularity and demand, you can find one of these fans at just about any department store or home improvement retail location. However, with so many different outdoor mist fan models to choose from, it can be hard to determine which one is right for you.

Let’s look at what is available and see why Fogco fans may be the best choice.

Avoid the Most Cost-Efficient Option

You can buy a misting fan for as low as $25. However, what you will find is simply a misting ring which attaches to a standard fan. The attachment allows you to attach the hose to a faucet and the unit to the fan guard. Although your fan will indeed provide some mist, it will be delivered using low pressure and will only cover a small area.

For a little more money you can buy a stainless steel misting attachment for your fan. This is less likely to corrode over time but you still have a low pressure mister that only covers a small perimeter. Some of the other low-end misters are similar to cool air home humidifiers. In fact, they are not much more than humidifiers and they may not be very effective at cooling.

Avoid a Low-Pressure Outdoor Mist Fan

Most low-pressure misting systems are not capable of producing the tiny water droplets that are characteristic of quality misting fans. When your misting system produces large droplets you could soon have a wet, slippery surface and this can be a hazard to walk on. Additionally, most low pressure systems do not employ powerful fans. This can increase the problems associated with distributing “wet air”. So what is a good solution to outdoor misting?

Fogco misting fans are very powerful and work with high pressure water systems. They are capable of producing extremely tiny droplets of water, thus creating a quality mist which provides several benefits.

Benefits of Fogco’s Outdoor Misting Fans

Your Fogco outdoor misting fan will effectively cool and humidify a large area. In addition, it helps to keep dust to a minimum as the tiny water droplets absorb all kinds of dust particles and they simply fall harmlessly to the ground. A quality misting fan also helps to reduce odors in the air, making for a more comfortable environment for guests, visitors or workers. Fogco provides some of the most trusted misting solutions on the market today like the Revolution models and our outdoor misting kits. Here are a few other benefits:

1. Improve Outdoor Dining

Cooling an outdoor patio space is easier than ever with cool mist fans. There are mister kits for do-it-yourself installation. Kits include the pump, water container, hose, connectors and nozzles to direct the radius of the mister. There are so many commercial and even residential demands for mist fans that it’s easy to find the right system for an individual or business owner’s needs. Whatever the size of your project, a commercial water mist system can be customized to deliver cooling temperatures.

2. Cool and Conserve

Residential owners invest a sizable amount of their income to landscape and beautify their outdoor living spaces. Patios and decks are designed as an extension of the family room and are ideal for entertaining friends and neighbors. Protecting that investment is important and there are many water systems that can reduce the heat and beautify your garden landscape without raising your water bill. Don’t let the sun scorch your patio furnishings, lawn or flower beds, Fogco can install the right misting system to return your outdoor patio to a cool enjoyable experience.

3. Enjoy a More Pleasant Gardening Experience

For outdoor gardeners, particularly those who enjoy patio gardens or using plants to add to the décor and design of their outdoor living space, any increase in temperature is not ideal. Using fans creates a breeze, but it does not significantly drop the temperature, which can lead to problems for gardeners in growing both annuals and perennials.

One effective and low-cost option to create an ideal growing environment for plants of all types is to use outdoor misting fans during the heat of the day. These fans can be used to create a significant cooling effect for the plants to produce the optimal growing temperature.

Of course, the added benefit of using outdoor misting fans is the boost in the humidity in the area. With the cooler temperatures misting fans provide, there will be less evaporation from the soil and more efficient water conservation in pots and containers.

4. Add Style to Your Outdoor Living Space

Everyone loves the summer, but those hot summer afternoons and evenings can make it difficult to enjoy time outside. This is one of the reasons we designed our line of Fogco outdoor misting fans that bring a touch of southern charm to any outdoor living space. Our fans add a real sense of style and décor to your deck, patio, gazebo, pergola or outdoor kitchen area. They are able to cover up to 900 square feet with a single fan, making them an extremely cost-effective addition for the space.

This series of outdoor misting fans comes in a range of different designer treatments. Each of the fans is powder coated, which means they will stand up to outdoor use without rusting or corroding.

They come in a range of different colors including brown, black and tan. Various design elements will work with any patio, outdoor kitchen, living space, color scheme or design theme.

5. Greater Temperature and Humidity Control

At Fogco, we produce fogging and misting systems for greenhouses, but this requires a controlled internal environment. With the backyard outdoor living space, landscaping, and patio gardening, the outdoor misting fans are used primarily for temperature control.

With automatic timers and controls used on the system, gardeners can choose when to turn the systems on and off based on the ambient environmental temperatures and humidity. Ideally, a low humidity and a high temperature will create the biggest temperature drop with the system.

For those that prefer to use a manual on and off control, it is as simple as flicking the switch. This allows you to carefully control when the system is on or off and you can also use this feature as needed when you want to spend some time in the beautiful oasis you have created.

Fogco’s misting fans come in a variety of different styles, sizes, and cooling capacities. To learn more about the options we offer, browse our site or contact our staff today to get a free quote.

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