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Misting Cooling Systems

3 Aesthetic Considerations for An Outdoor Cooling System

By March 24, 2017September 28th, 2023No Comments

Installing an outdoor cooling system is a simple and cost-effective way to expand the use of your outdoor living space. This is true for a residential home, a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel, resort or community center. It is also an ideal option for a park or a landscaped area in a commercial building.

At Fogco, our outdoor systems are designed to provide the optimal size of water droplets and the ideal mist production to decrease the ambient temperature. Our systems can be installed under covered areas such as patios, pergolas, or gazebos or they can be designed and customized to blend into the landscape or work with a variety of different misting pillars and stands in open areas.

While the operational specs for the system are always critical, it is also important to consider the aesthetics. There are several factors to keep in mind, all which provide a different look or style to the system without compromising cooling potential.

Options for Systems

At Fogco we can provide a customized approach to an outdoor cooling system for both residential and commercial properties. This allows our design team, working with the client, to provide just the look that is perfect for the given location.

For example, around a pool deck area, mist can be used at the deck level to give an amazing diffused look at the surface of the pool and the surrounding deck. This can be enhanced by underwater or overhead lights.

Systems using columns or pillar types of misters are perfect for walkways, sidewalks or for seating areas in the landscape. Misters along the interior roof of patios and gazebos provide instant relief from the heat without the need for high powered fans.

Pipes and Pumps

With our outdoor cooling system options, our team can design plumbing and piping diagrams to conceal the pipe and nozzles. This adds to the aesthetic appeal of the outdoor space and minimizes any visibility of the plumbing.
Our pumps are designed to be extremely quiet and, like the pipes and plumbing, they can be strategically located to hide them within the landscaping or out of sight from the area.

Special Effects

Finally, in addition to amazing cooling performance, our systems can also be used to create special effects. It is possible to produce the look of fog over a pond or water feature in a residential yard or a commercial property. This is also a terrific option cascading down a retaining wall or along the border of landscaped area.

The design team at Fogco has the experience to create just the look you want. Just give us your ideas and we can turn them into reality.

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