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Misting Systems

Do Misters Lower the Air Temperature?

By March 20, 2014January 22nd, 2024No Comments
do misters lower the air temperature?

How Much Will a Misting System Drop the Temperature?

One of the most common questions we hear is, “How much of a temperature drop will I get on my patio if I install a high-pressure misting system?”

The answer to this question will depend on a number of factors.  Before we answer the question, let’s consider the different variables.

1) Hot and dry climates are optimal conditions for misting systems. The air can absorb large amounts of water, which can reduce temperature. The higher the humidity, the less water can be absorbed, and the less the temperature will drop.

2) Higher temperatures provide the opportunity for maximum temperature reduction. A mist system can achieve a much greater degree of temperature drop when the outside temperature is 120° versus only 75°.

3) Although wind will not affect a misting system’s cooling capabilities, it does affect where the cooling goes and how quickly it is absorbed by hot surrounding air. A mist system will provide more noticeable cooling on calm days.

4) Traditionally, the standard practice was to place a mist line around an area’s perimeter. For line systems, that is still the preferred approach. Though it will sacrifice some of cooling effects, it will typically ensure that there is no excessive moisture inside the patio, and will avoid higher humidity levels.

Do Misting Fans Work in High Humidity?

In a dry climate on a calm day with temperature in the 110° range, a properly designed and installed perimeter line mist system will be able to drop the temperatures by 30° within a few feet of the mist line. The system will provide about 15° of cooling six to eight feet from the mist line, and about 10° of cooling ten to fifteen feet from the mist line. The further away from the mist, the less cooling provided.

With higher humidity levels, the cooling capability of a mist system will be reduced accordingly.  With humidity levels above 50% and temperatures in the mid 90° range, expect a maximum temperature reduction of 5° to 10°.

Fogco Misters for Hot Weather

In an ongoing effort to improve the cooling capability of misting systems, Fogco has developed an innovative product that can be effectively mounted INSIDE the patio to provide precise and controlled cooling without excessive moisture or increases in humidity. 

This innovative product is called The Revolution® WindChill. It is a patio cooling system that includes a high velocity fan that provides over 2000 cfm air flow. This air flow is used to carry the fog creating a contained “wind chill” and adding to the fan’s cooling capability. Because of its unique design, it is more effective than traditional perimeter line systems and is capable of providing up to 30° temperature drop throughout the patio. Contact Fogco today to learn more.

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