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Temperature & Humidity Control System

Temperature and Humidity Controller Benefits

By October 1, 2015February 16th, 2020No Comments

Temperature and Humidity Controller Benefits

It’s easy to take a comfortable environment for granted — that is, until your environment suddenly becomes unbearable, whether you’re at home or in the industrial or commercial setting. Two factors that contribute to the quality of your environment are temperature and humidity. A well-designed temperature and humidity controller can help you effortlessly maintain the environment that suits your needs. Learn how these systems aid in humidity and temperature control below. 

  • Humidity: Controlling your building’s or residence’s humidity is crucial for several reasons. First, if you have too little humidity, the air in your establishment will dry out when you heat the building. This dry air then absorbs moisture from everything inside the building, including from your skin. On the contrary, too much humidity can lead to irritability as well as damage to your building and even health issues. There is a fine line between too much and too little humidity. A controller helps you to appropriately navigate this line so that you can avoid the problems that come with incorrect humidity levels.
  • Temperature: A temperature controller is necessary in any situation that requires a certain temperature to be maintained. This includes, for example, a situation where a particular object must be heated or cooled and then kept at a target temperature regardless of how the environment around it changes. A temperature controller is useful in a wide range of industries for managing manufacturing operations and processes. For instance, it is helpful for applications involving blood banks, food storage and processing, packaging machines, thermos-forming machines, and plastic extrusion.


The Benefits of Controlled Environments

Many industries are required to comply with specific standards and regulations, as controlling your environment can actually provide significant benefits. This can be helpful for many different industries, including the following: 

  • Wine industry: High-quality wines must be aged properly, requiring the liquid to ferment in fine oak barrels over a period of time. While these barrels of wine set, both humidity and temperature must be closely monitored 24/7. If humidity levels drop too low, evaporation from the barrels increases and product is lost. This not only compromises the flavor and quality of the wine, but it also results in lower yields. But it is far worse if the temperature rises. Too warm of an environment will ruin the entire batch.
  • Greenhouses: The growth and development of plants is dependent on environment. Different plants require different temperatures and humidity levels in order to grow and flourish. With a sophisticated temperature and humidity controller and a good fog system, greenhouses can maintain temperature and humidity levels in different areas, allowing a variety of plants to live in the same environment. This saves money on water bills and helps growers produce during times of low water supply. These systems also help increase overall productivity, speeding up growing time.
  • Supermarkets: Supermarkets use misting systems to keep produce fresh and improve the overall quality of food. Since fruits and vegetables are largely made of water, a misting system can prevent produce from drying out or going bad. It also helps keep them cool and appealing to customers. Humidity systems are also used in fish and meat areas of grocery stores, where they prevent dehydration and keep products at the optimal temperature for health and safety.
  • Textile industries: There are many benefits of having the proper level of humidity in textile operations. A good humidity misting system will increase the output speed for machines, eliminate static electricity, reduce deformations and curl in materials, improve mechanical processes, and reduce the amount of dust in the air.

Fogco Humidification Systems

Fogco offers a temperature and humidity controller known as the FOGCONTROLLER, which is helpful for controlling two zones. This particular controller features five independent programmable relays for controlling zone valves and fans as well as the pump. You can use the device’s standard sensor for applications that require a humidity level between 10 and 70%, while the high-humidity sensor is used for applications that require a humidity level greater than 70%.

A high-quality controller for the industrial setting or the home can drastically improve the quality of your business operations and even your own quality of life long-term. Contact Fogco online or call us at 800-607-6478 to learn more.