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Misting System Pumps

A Closer Look at Custom Designed Systems by Fogco

By February 20, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

One of the unique features of working directly with our team at Fogco is the ability to find the perfect product and cooling system for your needs. Most of our customers will find our existing misting and temperature control systems are perfect for cooling and maintaining temperatures, but there are always exceptions.

To address these very specific needs for different types of applications, we offer custom designed systems. The level of customization in the system will ultimately depend on our customer’s needs, the specific environment, and the space or unique features within the indoor or outdoor area.

By offering custom designed systems instead of trying to use an existing system or component we can offer higher levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and even cost savings.

Options to Consider

One of the most common components we are asked to customize are mist pumps. We can set up a pump to work on single or three phase power supplies with full industrial components and thermal protection on the motor circuit and the branch circuits.

These custom designed systems are developed to your needs, meaning they can monitor and operate based on humidity, temperature, or even on time. Our systems can be integrated into your existing system, or they can be designed to work with separate remote operational controls.

We don’t just stop at custom designed pumps. We can design and produce portable fans, multi fog rings, oscillating fans, and even systems that will work on a multi-zone control for full facility humidity and cooling management.

If you have an idea for a humidity and temperature control system but aren’t sure our standard systems are the right match, talk to our team. We can work with you to design the custom system that has the specific components needed to get the job done with efficiency and precise environmental control.

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