Misting System Pumps: High Pressure Misting Pumps

Misting System Pumps: High Pressure Misting Pumps

Fogco offers a broad range of 1000-psi high pressure misting systems. From our economical direct drive pump to our fully customized units, all of our mist pumps are built with high quality components and have a proven track record of over 25 years.

All of our standard direct drive and pulley drive pumps are designed and built with UL recognized components and include thermal and short circuit protection.

The direct drive units include a thermal overload in the motor and a fuse protection for the solenoid branch circuit.

The pulley drive units include thermal overload in the motor, fuse protection for all branch circuits, and an internal circuit breaker all enclosed in a powder coated, rust treated housing. The pulley drive pumps also include an integrated exhaust fan to help reduce the operating temperature of the motor and an hour meter to help indicate the need for regular pump maintenance.

This range of pumps can also be equipped with an optional high pressure safety switch which will prevent damage to the pump caused by operating with insufficient water supply. These upgrades make the Fogco range of pumps the most protected and highest rated pumps on the market. Fogco backs that up with our industry leading 5 year warranty!

In addition, our pulley drive mist pumps utilize a low speed, 4-pole motor, an over-sized high pressure pump and a pulley/belt transmission. This design reduces the operating speed of the bare pump which reduces the noise and vibration while maintaining the required pressure and flow. The pulley drive pumps are available in 115V or 230V.

The direct drive mist pumps are medium duty outdoor rated units. These pumps are ideal for light to medium duty misting applications and provide quality components in a small and convenient platform. They are available in 115V and 230V.

If you are looking for a custom solution, Fogco offers completely customized misting pumps for a wide variety of applications that feature custom controls to suit specific needs. Our custom series pumps can be built for voltages from 115V to 575V 3 Phase. Additional components, such as electric zone valves, drain valves, and safety switches are also available. These custom mist system pumps can be designed to include the use of a variable frequency drive (VFD) for multi-zone applications.

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