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Misting Systems

Tips for Designing High-Pressure Misting Systems

By December 19, 2016February 12th, 2024No Comments
misting system design

Misting systems are ideal for outdoor cooling and climate control for small and large residential and commercial spaces. They are designed to utilize high levels of pressure to produce tiny water droplets which are then dispersed uniformly throughout the designated area. This allows for flash evaporation, which instantly reduces the air temperature and allows users to experience a cooling effect without condensation. Quality high-pressure misting systems will never leave anyone feeling damp, wet, or sticky because the water droplets evaporate rather than settling on surfaces. 

How To Design High-Pressure Misting System

If you are thinking about installing a misting system on your residential, commercial, or industrial property, it’s important to know how the process works. Read on to learn more about the ideation and installation process, and how it helps to ensure your misting system is properly installed for efficiency. 

Coverage Area

During the design and development phase it is important to first establish the scope of the project. We will measure your space, making sure we understand the dimensions and square footage of the space. This will help us know which product is ideal for your business, and how we should install it. 

We also need to know what type of space we are working with, and how many sides of the structure are open. The open sides increase air flow, which is essential for the optimal cooling effect of our high-pressure misting systems. When there is limited air flow, we need to customize the design and configure the lines and nozzles for optimal cooling.

The coverage area will allow us to recommend the correct pump and choice of tubing and lines. As these systems use only water to provide cooling, they integrate with your current water supply to your home or business. The pump can be positioned out of sight without impacting performance.

Aesthetic Considerations

The misting system lines and nozzles can be positioned within the existing patio structure to blend in and look very natural. By strategically pointing the nozzles toward high-traffic areas within the space, maximum cooling is directed where it is needed, ultimately boosting the efficiency of the system.

It is also important to consider fans and lighting already in place, as these design elements will impact the misting system configuration. As the mist is directed downward and not toward the lights, the lines can be located in the same area as outdoor lighting without any complications with either system.

Fogco High-Pressure Misting Pumps

Fogco has several misting pumps available, from economical direct drive pumps to pumps that can be completely customized to meet specific needs. Check out more information about our high-pressure misting system pumps below.

60Hz Direct Drive Misting Pump

Outfitted with a low-speed 4-pole motor that doesn’t make much noise, this 1000 PSI mist pump is an outdoor unit that can be used for about 8 hours every day under normal conditions. It’s ideal for those looking for an affordable medium-duty pump. It includes everything from an adjustable pressure regulator with internal bypass and a thermal relief valve to an electric inlet solenoid valve and rubber isolation feet.

60HZ Pulley Drive Misting Pump

Are you looking for a misting pump that’s a little bit more heavy duty? This pulley-driven pump is designed to be used 24/7 in both industrial and commercial environments. It has the quality and durability that you’re looking for from an industrial-duty pump, and comes equipped with thermal overload in the motor, an integrated exhaust fan, fuse protection for each individual branch circuit, and more.

50Hz Direct Drive Misting Pump

Just like the 60Hz Direct Drive Misting Pump, this medium-duty pump can run for approximately 8 hours every day under normal conditions. It also has a low-speed 4-pole motor that is designed to cut down on the amount of noise it makes. Available in a number of sizes for 230V 50Hz, it features a glycerin-filled pressure gauge, a thermal relief valve, and an electric inlet solenoid valve.

50Hz Pulley Drive Misting Pump

While this heavy-duty pump has the ability to run 24/7 in an outdoor environment when used under normal conditions, it can also be outfitted with an optional high-pressure safety switch that will prevent damage to the pump if your water supply ever disappears. It also comes with an internal circuit breaker that is designed not to rust, an integrated exhaust fan, thermal overload in the motor, and more.

Custom Misting Systems

Do you need a misting system pump that’s slightly different than the ones above? We can help you customize a pump that will meet the needs of your specific misting system. We can build a pump that will stand up to any condition, can be controlled remotely, or will be compatible with your existing system. 

Here at Fogco, our team of experts specialize in designing high-pressure misting systems. We work with you to choose the right components and put together a system that will provide adequate coverage and meet your cooling requirements. Contact us online today or call us at 800-607-6478 for a quote. 

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