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Odor & Dust Control Systems

The Dust Control Concept

By December 16, 2014February 21st, 2020No Comments

If your business creates dust as a byproduct of its operation, dust control or dust suppression may be necessary.  Traditionally, dust control was accomplished by extracting the dust through a series of filters.  Although this method can be effective, it is very expensive to maintain and is limited to conditions where the dust can be isolated and contained within a small area.  This is not always practical in an industrial application. 

Demolition Dust Control

Because of the limitations associated with dust control through extraction and filtration, moisture based dust control has become a preferred choice for many different challenging environments.  Moisture based dust control achieves effective dust suppression by providing billions of droplets that are approximately the same size as the dust particles themselves.  Once the water droplet comes in contact with the dust particle, it becomes too heavy to float and simply falls to the ground.  If properly designed and installed, 100% dust control can be achieved with minimal moisture buildup on the ground.  This environmentally responsible method of dust suppression is less expensive to install; less expensive to maintain; more versatile and more effective than other traditional means of dust control. 

Fogco dust control systems can effectively suppress or remove breathable fugitive dust particles from .1 to 1000 microns. The Fogco range of products are designed to provide efficient and effective dust control for applications associated with solid waste treatment and waste transfer facilities, construction sites, landfills, composting facilities, refineries, and paper mills,. 

Because of the high standard of quality and industry experience, Fogco systems meet or exceed EPA PM 10 standards for dust suppression and provides the following benefits:

  • Effective method for dust control in large and open areas
  • Less expensive to operate and maintain than air filtration systems
  • Helps eliminate hazardous working conditions
  • Effectively removes breathable and fugitive dust
  • Meets or exceeds the EPA PM 10 standards
  • Components are UL rated
  • Programmable controllers with remote sensors FOR ELIMINATING ODORS

These systems can be easily adapted to also provide effective odor control for applications including microbial decomposition of animal waste, noxious volatile compounds, poultry and hog farms, livestock facilities, garbage dumps, and aeration ponds.  Some of the more common issues include carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane. Although carbon dioxide and methane are odorless, they can be lethal. The quality components and system design of the FOGCO System allow for an efficient and economical delivery system for all odor removal chemicals. Utilizing pressurized water supply, the FOGCO System is less expensive to operate and maintain than traditional air injection systems.

Next, we will explore the varying methods of delivering the dust and odor control for almost any environment.

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