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Misting Systems

The Benefits of High Pressure Misting Systems

By October 26, 2016October 11th, 2022No Comments
high pressure misting system

If you are looking for a way to control humidity and maintain a cool temperature in a large outdoor area, you may want to consider using a misting system. However, when you’re shopping around, you will notice a wide variety of options available on the market today, ranging from low- to high-pressure misting systems.

Although low- and medium-pressure misting systems might be more cost-efficient, high-pressure misting systems offer significantly more benefits than the lower-end options. Let’s see why a majority of consumers prefer leveraging high-pressure systems.

The Benefits of High-Pressure Misting Systems

When you need to figure out a way to keep the air in or around your home or business cool, fresh, and clean, you need to make sure you are getting the best option. Great quality is key, but there are other factors that should be considered. 

Affordable and environmentally friendly, high-pressure misting systems use only water, and are ideal for cooling down overwhelmingly hot and dry temperatures. However, there are many more benefits to using high-pressure misting systems: 

  • Create the perfect environment for various products: High-pressure misting systems keep people cool and comfortable, and create the ideal environment for the production and storage of products such as paper, wine, and plants. 
  • Ideal for temperature and humidity control: High-pressure misting systems can raise humidity to healthier levels that are conducive to products in industrial settings or greenhouses. A high-pressure misting system can also get rid of aggravating dust or bad odors in areas including waste treatment facilities, factory farms, and landfills.
  • Inexpensive: High-pressure misting systems are very cost-effective. They use only water to create mist, and are inexpensive both to operate and maintain. Having a high pressure misting system is certain to keep your comfort high and costs low!
  • Environmentally friendly: Because they only use water, high-pressure misting systems are environmentally friendly. You won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into the air or seeping into the ground. 
  • Ensure comfort in any weather: In residential settings, high-pressure misting systems allow you to enjoy more time in outdoor entertaining spaces. In agricultural operations, they can ensure that your livestock are comfortable and not overheated. They can also keep workers cool in industrial applications. 

How to Choose a Misting System Company

Taking the time to find a place where the best quality mist cooling systems are sold is crucial and well worth the time spent searching. If you need to buy mist cooling systems for your home or for a commercial or industrial setting, you need to make sure you are ordering from the best possible company. Here are some things to look for in a company that sells misting systems:

  • How long has this company been selling misting systems?
  • Does this company provide the system you need? Make sure you can find what will work best for you. For example, if you will be using the misting system in your backyard, you need to get a different variety than you would if you were using it in a factory.
  • Do they provide good customer service? It can be overwhelming trying to figure out the different parts needed in a misting system. Great customer service is a must. 

Which Misting System Should I Choose?

Mist systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The systems can range from low pressure or garden hose pressure all the way up to 1000 psi. You can depend on high-quality high-pressure misting systems for a multitude of applications. For example, .5 horsepower pumps are often used for medium-duty applications, providing 1000 psi while employing as many as eight standard misting nozzles.

Low-Pressure Misting Systems

Low pressure misting systems are very simple in design and are typically the cheapest option. Unlike a medium- or high-pressure system, low-pressure systems require no pumping equipment. Instead, they are designed to run off standard water sources at low pressures of around 50 psi, and are attached to a typical standalone fan to deliver mist.

Due to the simplicity of the design, low-pressure misting systems cannot deliver the ultra-fine water particles delivered by high-pressure systems. As a result, they are not as effective, and cheaper models generally soak down an area rather than misting it. However, for small applications where cost is more important than quality, some low-pressure models can do a reasonably good job.

Medium-Pressure Misting Systems

This is a step up from the low-pressure units, with some systems running off water pressures with high psi. This gives you better performance and higher quality mist than systems running on standard water pressure, but you will not get the performance of a high-pressure system.

High-Pressure Misting System

When you buy a high-pressure system, you can enjoy fogging, cooling, humidification, and air cleaning all in one system. High-pressure misting systems produce tiny water droplets in the form of fog. This raises humidity and cools without getting anything wet. The small water droplets work together to eliminate tiny particles of dirt, dust, and odor-causing bacteria by attracting and absorbing the particles from the air. These systems can be installed around a patio or gazebo, or they can be placed around the landscaping to provide perimeter cooling.

At Fogco, we have the ability to make the most complex systems for industries, but our focus is to keep the design as simple and efficient as possible. We provide the full system from the nozzles to the pumps that are tested and proven to work in the most demanding workplace environments. Our professionals have the expertise to provide you with the perfect conditions for a fantastic summer. To figure out which system is right for your home, business, greenhouse, or any other fog-related project, contact Fogco today.

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