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Fog System Tubes & Fittings

Slip-lok tubing and fittings

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The 3/8″ slip-lok tubing and fittings were designed for the ultimate in ease and versatility when it comes to installing a misting system.  The mist lines are intended to be assembled on site eliminating the need for long lengths of prefabricated mist tubing.  An installer can literally carry a bag of fittings and a roll of tubing to the job site.  Since the mist line is assembled during the installation, it can be customized to fit the exact dimensions of the area removing possibility of costly on-site modifications associated with prefabricated  mist lines.

The high pressure tubing used with the slip-lok fittings is classified as semi-flexible.  It can be formed to a radius bend to allow for turning of corners or goining up and down the structure where the misting system is being installed.  A 90 degree slip-lok fitting can be used for a tight turn, but that is usually unnecessary.

One of the unique features of the Fogco slip-lok system is the ability for the fittings to be dis-assembled.  If a fitting needs to be moved or removed entirely from the mist system, by depressing the locking ferrule on the fitting while pulling the tubing away from the fitting, the tubing can be removed without damaging the fitting or the tubing.  This creates tremendous versatility for any misting system installation and even allows for changes to the system long after it was originally installed.

Since it is never recommended to attach a rigid line to the misting pump, the Fogco high pressure nylon tubing is also ideal as a feed line for copper and stainless steel mist systems.  The tubing will absorb the natural vibration from the misting pump and prevent the noise associated with it.  It is recommended that at least 20 feet of nylon tubing be used between the misting pump and the misting lines.

The only limitation to the nylon being used as a feed line for the mist system is the total system flow.  If the mist system requires more than 3 gpm flow, a manifold should be used to prevent too much restriction for the larger flow from the pump.  If necessary, a larger feed line or discharge hose may be used.

For a listing of the available slip-lok fittings, go to Products > Tubing > Nylon on the website.



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