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Outdoor Cooling Systems

Reasons To Have A Professionally Designed Outdoor Cooling System

By June 9, 2017October 26th, 2023No Comments

In addition to providing top quality, fully customized indoor and outdoor cooling systems, Fogco also offers support with the design of misting systems of all types. This includes patio misting systems for residential homes, commercial buildings, sporting complexes, industrial facilities and other types of spaces.

While misting systems are relatively simplistic in design, the right configuration is critical. Not understanding how to create the system can result in incorrect positioning and choice of nozzles, tubing and even the pump. These issues can decrease overall effectiveness and efficiency.

What We Consider

We provide an easy online option that helps in the design of outdoor cooling systems or those used for humidification or dust control indoors. We just need some basic information so we can match your project with one of our system design experts.

Please fill in the online form for the type of system you want to install. We need your contact information as well as the kind of tubing you need from stainless to copper or nylon. For most residential systems and many commercial systems for patios; nylon is an excellent option.

We also need to know the size of your patio, the number of open sides and a few other necessary measurements. We should also know if there are any full or partial walls in the space or if you have a central outdoor fireplace or other features that would limit air circulation.

Our designers will let you know the number of nozzles required to cover the square footage as well as the best options in pumps, nozzles and overall system design for any outdoor cooling system. We can also provide information on our misting fans, which are a beautiful addition to a covered veranda, patio or outdoor living space.

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