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Installing a slip-lok mist line

By March 21, 2013February 16th, 2020No Comments

When installing a slip-lok mist line, it is important to use the following  steps to ensure the mist system is properly installed.

Start by assembling the mist system tubing according to the instructions provided with the slip-lok components.  Once the mist line is assembled, hang the clamps as needed keeping them loosely secured around the tubing.  Place a clamp between each fitting.

Once all of the mist tubing is hung in place, turn on the misting pump and run the system for about 15 minutes.  This will allow the fittings to collapse onto the tubing securing them in place.  It will also create approximately 1/4″ of expansion of the mist line for each fitting.  This will initially cause the mist line to sag between each clamp.

While the system is still running, start at the beginning of the mist line and  secure the first clamp.  Work your way towards the end of the system making sure the mist line is tight as you secure each clamp in place.  Because of the expansion of the mist line, it may require some of the clamps to be removed and repositioned on either side of a particular misting nozzle fitting.

Once completed, the mist line should be perfectly straight and tight between each clamp.  If sagging does develop between some of the clamps, loosen the clamp, pull the tubing tight, and re-secure.  For the best results, always secure the clamps over the tubing while the misting system is operating under full pressure.

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