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Odor & Dust Control Systems

How To Deliver Effective Dust Control

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Dust Control Delivery

Fog systems are a proven method of effective dust control for many different industrial environments including solid waste treatment facilities, recycling operations, slag and coal handling, aggregate processing and animal feed lots.  Fogco has developed several different methods of achieving effective moisture based dust control for a variety of different industrial applications.  All of these delivery methods include a 1000 psi high pressure pump and a series of specialized fog nozzles inserted into a typical fog line or attached to one of our unique fan products. 

Indoor Dust Control

Line System Dust Control

This method is a proven approach to dust suppression.  By installing specialized fog nozzles on a strategically placed fog line, dust can be suppressed at the source preventing it from becoming a facility wide problem.  Depending on the specific requirements, the system can be zoned to allow the dust control to be isolated to the exact spot throughout the facility’s operation. 

Revolution Dust Control

This dust control delivery method utilizes our proprietary Revolution® fan system.  This product provides 360 degree distribution of the atomized droplets.  The fan is quiet enough to place close to working personnel without concern.  It utilizes the same pump and nozzles that the line system uses, but it has the added advantage of a low velocity air stream to provide expanded coverage of the dust control system. 

Fog Cannon Dust Control

The latest offering from Fogco is the truly unique FogCannon concept.  This product is designed for large indoor or outdoor dust control capability.  It provides a high velocity air stream capable of carrying the moisture responsible for the dust control several hundred feet from the equipment.  This product is best suited for open areas where wide spread coverage is needed.  Waste transfer stations, recycle centers, mining operations and building demolition are applications where the FogCannon can provide superior dust control capability. 

Regardless of which delivery system is most appropriate for your specific dust control needs, the Fogco design provides an efficient and economical delivery system for a high concentration of 10 micron fog droplets. This size droplet provides optimum performance for attraction and suppression of PM 10 and smaller dust particles. The systems can remove breathable and fugitive dust particles from .1 to 1000 micron in size. Dust surrounded by dense fog has little chance to escape.  

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