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How do I get the best cooling from my mist system?

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How Do I Get the Best Cooling from My Misting System?

A high-pressure misting system can be very effective at cooling an outdoor patio. The concept relies on a principle called thermal dynamics.

Essentially, when water evaporates, energy changes from liquid to vapor. The water droplets get the energy from the heat in the air. When the energy is consumed, the heat (temperature) reduces. With hot and dry conditions, this process can drop temperatures as much as 30+ degrees.

Science says this level of cooling is possible with the evaporation of water. But how can you ensure that your system will provide this level of cooling?

First, it is important that the system operates at 1000 psi to achieve the ultra-fine droplets required for flash evaporation to occur. Flash evaporation means droplets are so small that they literally evaporate as soon as they exit the nozzle. A higher percentage of droplets will improve the cooling capability of the system.

Second, it is important that all of the nozzles are properly spraying to achieve maximum atomization. The misting nozzles should have a full cone of atomized spray with no noticeable streams of water. If the nozzles cannot be cleaned or do not produce the proper spray, they should be replaced.

If these two points are addressed, your system will produce serious cooling.  The hotter and drier the climate, the higher the possible temperature reduction.

In order to achieve maximum cooling within the patio, the entire perimeter of the patio should be surrounded and, where possible, the mist line should be directed toward the inside of the patio. This does require specific conditions to avoid moisture in the patio, so consult with a professional misting manufacturer to see what is best in your application.

In some cases, the mist system can only be directed down and out from the patio, which results in limited cooling, but does eliminate any possibility of moisture.

The one sure way to maximize the cooling from a mist system is to place the mist inside the patio using a misting fan. These fans provides a horizontal air stream to carry the mist up to 15 feet. The cooling within the patio is maximized and moisture is eliminated. In fact, the WindChill patio cooling fan was conceived and designed to maximize the cooling capability of a patio misting system.

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