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Humidification System

Fogging Process Provides Advantages to Humidification Systems

By May 17, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

Over the years, air quality standards have increased in order to avoid an increase in air pollution due to industrial chemicals, odors, etc. A viable solution to this problem is investing in humidification systems like those being produced by Fogco.

Fogco prides itself on being a top manufacture of these systems and has worked hard to design the best in the business, as well as provide the best customer service to go along with their technical expertise.

Fog Systems for Commercial Applications

Fogging humidification systems are used in various size commercial buildings worldwide. Fogco has been providing these systems for more than 25 years and understands which type of fog system will work for your specific application.

Fogging humidification works by high pressurized water being forced to run through special nozzles that turn the water into fog droplets that are micron size. These can actually rid the air of molecule sized substances that cause the odor or pollution problems and keep them from leaking out to disturb air supplies around the building.

Fogging Systems Have Easier Maintenance

Fogging systems are usually turned on by a solenoid valves, with the pump speed controlled via a variable-frequency drive that controls the water pressure. This makes it easier to run the system in large buildings and is much more efficient and easier to maintain than old-fashioned systems in the past.

These types of systems also save energy too, which makes them eco-friendly. Plus, they don’t require a lot of maintenance and are cheaper to maintain as well. All of these advantages can be explained in detail by the experts at Fogco, so you will understand what you are getting for your business prior to installation.

Fogco Pumps Come in Varying Sizes

FogCo can accommodate your business whether it is large or small, as they have several sizes of the humidification systems to choose from, as well as several added value components like drain valves, low or high pressure safety switches, variable frequency drive inverters, and more, to enhance the performance of your system.

All in all, Fogco is the place to call for all your humidification and odor control needs. Call Fogco today at 800 607 6478 or fill out the special contact form on their website.

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