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Misting Cooling Systems

Different Outdoor Cooling Systems for Different Climates

By January 30, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

It’s no secret that weather conditions can vary drastically depending on your geographic location, which is why outdoor cooling systems are not factory built to be “one size fits all.” With twenty-five plus years of experience in designing custom cooling systems used across the United States, we have the expertise to create the perfect system for your residential or commercial outdoor space.

The first step in designing a cooling system is understanding the different types available. When it comes to effective, energy efficient outdoor cooling systems, there are two basic options to choose from.

One is a true misting system, where water is flash evaporated to cause a drop in the ambient temperature by removing heat. The second option is a fan and fog combination which provides both cooling from the evaporation as well as air movement.

Understanding why different outdoor cooling systems are recommended starts by taking a closer look at each system’s benefits under specific conditions.

Temperatures and Humidity

For locations with high temperatures and low humidity, a true misting system is the recommended option. When you combine high temperatures with low humidity levels, the outcome allows for a noticeable drop in the air temperature within a short period of time. The reason why the temperature is able to drop in this type of climate is because high temperatures cause flash evaporation to occur more rapidly.

When there are lower temperatures with higher levels of humidity, flash evaporation does not occur. Typically, when the temperature is lower than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity levels are above 80 percent, the misting system alone will be less effective, although there will still be a slight drop in temperature. Combining a fan and fog system is often the best choice in these situations

Air Movement

Regardless of the type of cooling system utilized, a consistent supply of airflow is required if you want to see optimal results. Having a constant supply of fresh, dry air being circulated in the designated area allows for the evaporative process to occur continuously, maximizing the effects of outdoor cooling systems.

In areas with limited natural air circulation, such as multi-season porches or patios, the misting fan system is highly effective.

Our design includes ten cleanable nozzles that are installed on a stainless steel fog ring. This provides a steady supply of mist to be produced and dispersed into the airflow, allowing for the cool air to be directed and deflected 360 degrees around the fan

This directed airflow also draws fresh air into the space, creating the ideal conditions for cooling the temperature on an ongoing basis. As with the misting system, there is no increase in actual humidity so it is a very natural, dry cooling breeze, not something that feels wet or damp.

Before choosing an outdoor misting system from Fogco, talk to our design team and make sure you are getting the most effective system for your location. We can also provide you with helpful tips and ideas for installation to make the process easy, even if you are doing it on your own.

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