Direct Drive Mist Pump with Copper Tubing

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This Kit range provides a complete system as a single part number. It includes everything needed for standard mist system installation. Specific mist kit contents can be seen by clicking the individual kit descriptions below.

These misting kits include our 1000 psi direct drive misting pump, 10′ lengths of pre-soldered copper tubing with 24″ nozzle spacing, compression fittings, a 50′ length of flexible nylon feed line, all the necessary connectors and clamps, and a filter assembly with filter cartridge, filter canister, standard hose bibb connector, and 1/2″ low pressure flexible feed line.

As the manufacturer, we have the ability to design and produce customized misting kits using a variety of different components and designs. Nozzle spacing can be changed and nozzle fittings can be placed at different angles depending on specific system requirements. The mist pumps can also be modified to enhance their performance or to add automation to the system.

The kits are also available with pulley drive pumps. If you need something different than what these standard kits provide, contact our Customer Service Department at 480 507 6478 or just fill out the Drop Us A Line contact form in the right hand margin. We would be happy to design the perfect system for your application.