Misting System Applications

Over the past 30 years, technology has allowed for smarter, more efficient uses of water, and misting systems have become widely used. The most common applications for high-pressure misting systems include outdoor cooling (with some possible indoor cooling applications), humidification, dust control, odor control, and special effects. Learn more about each of these systems below. 


What Is a Misting System?

Simply put, a misting system is a series of misting nozzles placed in a tube and pressurized to provide a fine spray consisting of water droplets between 5 microns and 50 microns. This size of droplets requires pressure of at least 500 PSI, as anything lower will produce larger droplets and won’t provide an effective cooling effect. Industry standard pressure is 1000 PSI. 


Where Misting Systems are Used


Industrial Misting Systems

Industrial misting systems are ideal for cooling down outdoor areas such as restaurant patios, golf courses, tennis courts, amusement parks, and more. With a combination of high-pressure fog pumps and nozzles, industrial misting systems use atomized water to cool down the air around you without getting your customers wet. Industrial outdoor misting provides a practical way to keep your customers cool and comfortable, no matter the outdoor setting. 

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Mist Cooling Systems

Do you have an outdoor patio you’re proud of and want to enjoy even during the sweltering summer months? When installed near your patio, fountain, or outdoor pool, an outdoor mist cooling system can keep you comfortable, no matter how high the thermostat gets. Outdoor mist cooling systems propel the tiniest water droplets into the air, keeping things cool without added humidity or wetness if designed properly. 

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Humidification systems use fog to add humidity to areas such as greenhouses and warehouses. Many industries depend on climate control for their plants or products to flourish, and fog humidification systems are the ideal solution. If you need humidification in your greenhouse, textile plant, printing facility, or wine storage area, etc., humidification systems can help you save money and boost profitability. 

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Odor Control

Many businesses across numerous industries require industrial odor control to comply with strict regulations. Some common businesses that rely on industrial odor control systems are waste treatment facilities, cannabis cultivation, and waste transfer stations. If your company depends on odor control to stay in business and craft quality products, it’s important to have a reliable industrial odor control system. Fogco offers solutions for both indoor and outdoor industrial odor control, with systems that provide total odor elimination. 

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Dust Suppression

In many industries, dust is inevitable. However, large amounts of dust as a byproduct of business operations can be harmful for workers and nearby environments. Indoor and outdoor production companies rely on dust suppression equipment to minimize airborne dust and comply with business regulations. Quality dust suppression systems propel high-pressure fog mist to latch onto dust particles and effectively control dust. 

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Special Effects

Whether you would like to improve the aesthetics of your business for your customers, or would simply like to improve the look of your outdoor patio or pool, special effects are a great option. Fogco provides unique special effect features such as the FogDeck Pool System, which uses fog pumps to transform pools into mystical, tropical environments. We also offer Mistscaping services, which add magical fog effects to gardens, walkways, and more. All special effects can be used for industrial, residential, and commercial purposes. 

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More on General Misting Systems



There are several elements that impact the performance of a misting system. These include air circulation, nozzle size, and the placement of the mist system lines and misting nozzles. Soft water isn’t necessary for a misting system, but may help the nozzle performance over time. Periodic maintenance is required in order to prevent mold and mildew from building up inside the lines and to ensure continued functioning. This upkeep can help prevent the need for repairs and ensure the longevity of your investment.


Components of Outdoor Mist Cooling Systems


If this is your first investigation into outdoor cooling systems, you’re probably wondering what to look for. A misting system consists of a pump, high-pressure tubing, and a series of misting nozzles. In order to get the longest wear from your misting system, you should ensure that each of these components are of the highest quality. 



Pumps come in several varieties, including pulley drive, direct drive, and a custom series. At Fogco, we provide the best value and can provide you with a pump to meet your needs.



The quality of your tubing is directly connected to the performance of your misting system. We recommend our stainless steel or copper tubing for rigid line systems and nylon with slip-lok fittings for our flexible line systems. 



Pump and tubing assemblies aren’t useful if the nozzle doesn’t effectively produce mist. That’s why we offer high-quality stainless steel and standard brass nozzles with the latest cleanable design and anti-drip adapters. These features make upkeep easier and will help your misting system last longer than other nozzle types can.


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