Add Fog Effects to Water

Mistscaping® is a unique method of adding fog effects to water features, walkways, grottos, and garden areas. Created and developed by Fogco Systems, Inc., Mistscaping® allows for the subtle introduction of fog into any outdoor application.

How Mistscaping® Works

The Mistscaping® system utilizes a specially designed assembly that can be easily installed in a new construction project or a 20 year old landscape. The system utilizes our Slip Lok fitting concept and because it is not mounted to any structure, the system can be easily and quickly installed throughout a project site.

The Mistscaping® riser assembly is attached directly to the feed line which is run throughout the desired area. The special memory tubing used for the risers allows the fog to be directed and controlled for maximum effect. In addition, as the landscaping matures, the fog can be re-directed as necessary.

Utilizing the Fogco 1000psi pump module and specially designed Mistscaping® risers, any standard landscaping project can be transformed into a cool and soothing tropical showcase.

The Mistscaping® kit is designed to provide for quick and easy installation. It includes a preset quantity of all the necessary components to cover a specific square foot area. The system provides for years of quality fog effect and outdoor cooling by combining proven technology and quality pump design. The systems can be used for any residential, commercial, or industrial misting application.