A Unique Water Feature & Deck Mister System

FogDeck® represents the latest innovation from Fogco Systems, Inc. This patented concept (U.S. Patent # 7,334,743 B2) is a unique water feature system that will dramatically enhance any water-based project.

The FogDeck® system utilizes a Fogco 1000 PSI pump module and specially designed prefabricated FogDeck assemblies®. When the system is completed, any water system project can be transformed into a unique and mystical experience.

How A FogDeck Pool System Works

The FogDeck® assemblies are installed using the specially designed FogDeck® nozzle fitting. This fitting will allow the system to be flush mounted to the side of the water feature while providing for the recessed placement of the nozzle. This creative means of installation hides the fog nozzles making them almost invisible.

In addition, by placing the nozzles just above the water line and oriented horizontally, the fog is able to roll across the surface of the water creating a dramatic and ever-changing panorama.

As with all high-pressure fog systems, The FogDeck® system will also provide residual cooling around the perimeter of the water feature. This will make it more comfortable, more enjoyable, and customers will stay longer making the area more profitable.

This system will provide years of quality fog effect by combining proven technology and a Fogco Premium Series pump unit. Enhance your next pool project with FogDeck® by Fogco Systems, Inc. Written Specifications, system design services, and architect consultation services are available.

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