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Temperature & Humidity Control System

What to Look for In a Temperature and Humidity Controller

By February 13, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

At Fogco we believe that not all products are ideal for every situation. It is very different to control a misting system in your backyard than the precise control required for a greenhouse or for the interior of a large warehouse or production facility.

In order to accommodate a wide range of environments where humidifier and misting systems are used, we offer several different types of controls from the more basic to the advanced. These controllers are used for both indoor and outdoor applications and throughout a wide variety of industries and facilities.

Regardless of what type of environment the temperature and humidity controller will be used, there are several features or factors that need to be considered. Accuracy and efficiency should always be a central consideration, although there are additional factors you should also consider.

Automatic Control

When comparing different types of temperature and humidity controllers, typically you will first have to decide if you should use an automatic controller or one that is manually set or activated.
The automatic control works like the thermostat in a home or building. It is set to maintain a specific level of humidity and it will cycle on and off to control the levels based on the ambient humidity. This works separately but in conjunction with any heaters or furnaces that may be operating. Having this type of automated control can help with reducing overall heating costs by maintaining consistent humidity.

The monitoring of the ambient humidity and CO2 levels should be highly accurate. With the Blueprint Controller offered by Fogco, humidity settings can range from 35% to 99% and temperatures range from 40 degrees to 99 degrees.


In addition to selecting an automated controller, it is often a huge plus to have the ability to pre-set programs on the system to manage the humidity. This will allow one button touch control for pre-setting the system for specific humidity requirements.
Additionally, with the use of the programmable systems, make sure the system operates with a built-in battery backup. This feature prevents the loss of your settings should there be a power outage.
Fogco offers a Blueprint Controller that comes with all the features listed above, including a 5-year lithium battery. It will also plug into any standard 115V 15 amp receptacle, which makes it a practical temperature and humidity controller to install and use for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

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