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Humidification System

Utilizing A Humidity Control System in Wood Processing Facilities

By February 6, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

When most people think of a humidity control system in a commercial application, typically their first inclination is the use of these systems in a greenhouse setting. While having the correct humidity in any type of greenhouse is critical, it is only one of many industries that rely on the combination of humidity and temperature to create ideal conditions.

Another industry that is highly dependent on the humidity is wood processing. This can include everything from sawmills and wood processing plants, as well as shops making handmade wood furniture, custom doors, or even wood components used in decorating and interior design.

The Need for Humidity

As an organic material that is highly sensitive to humidity or direct moisture, wood will expand and contract significantly based on the ambient moisture. The higher the moisture content in the air, the more likely the wood is to expand. When the air is dry to extremely dry, which is often the case in the heat of the summer as well as in the winter when heating is used in shops and fabrication facilities, the wood shrinks. This is known as hygroscopic behavior, or the change in the wood due to relative humidity.

In sawmills, the biggest concern is in drying the wood. Once dried to the correct internal moisture levels, it is ideal to maintain that level to prevent the shrinking and expanding with the ambient relative humidity.

For wood furniture, flooring, and other applications, avoiding both extremes of too much or too little humidity will increase the quality of production and also help to reduce dust in the work environment. The ideal humidity level will depend on the type of wood and the optimal Equilibrium Moisture Content.

Zone Control

Any woodworking industry or business should consider the use of a Fogco humidity control system. This can provide the optimal balance of humidity for specific woods that are being housed or used in different areas of the workplace.

Zone control also provides a humidity control system that is responsive to the ambient humidity. By having different parts of the facility separately controlled through internal or external hygrometers on the system efficiency, cost savings, and ideal conditions can be maintained between storage areas and work areas.

Finally, as in any area where dust is present, the use of our Fogco misters serve both for humidity control as well as to eliminate dust particles from the air, contributing to worker safety and a healthier overall environment.

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