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Humidity Controller

Tips For Getting The Correct Greenhouse Humidity Controller

By July 31, 2017February 16th, 2020No Comments

Setting up a new commercial or residential greenhouse is a time for many important decisions. This is true no matter where you live, but in the drier climates having the correct humidity controller and a misting system in the greenhouse is going to be essential.

Fogco has over a quarter of a century of experience working in the misting system and humidification industry. We have worked with small and large production greenhouses as well as a variety of industries to develop systems that are effective, efficient and reliable, because we understand the importance of getting everything right.

The Importance of the Controller

Overall, if greenhouse humidity isn’t properly controlled, even if off by a few percentage points, it can mean a loss of production, poor growth and quality, or even the complete loss of an entire growing season. Therefore, by using a humidity controller in your greenhouse space to help maintain proper humidity levels, you can ensure proper plant growth and development.

Tested and Proven

We offer two different humidity controller units that are designed for specific humidity ranges and different requirements, based on the requirement of your greenhouse. From high-tech programmable options to those that are more streamlined and can be used in 1 zone for high precision control for even the most sensitive plants and crops. We also have the ability to integrate our mist systems with more robust environmental control systems that are already in place. Our team of experts is here to listen to your needs and recommend which controller will work best with your system.

If you are building a new greenhouse, contact the experts at Fogco. We are happy to help provide you with the solutions you need to effectively control the humidity in your greenhouse.

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