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Humidification System

The Many Benefits of a Humidity Control System

By July 25, 2016February 16th, 2020No Comments

Misting systems are highly effective and surprisingly affordable to use in a wide variety of applications. One of the big reasons that people want misting products is for use as a humidity control system. There are many advantages that can be gained by using a specialized system to control the humidity levels in a room or structure.

Humidity in Greenhouses

Misting systems help ensure that the temperature and climate inside a greenhouse creates the most ideal environment for growing food and flowers efficiently. Misting systems help maintain the proper moisture level and reduce the overall amount of water that needs to be used to grow crops. This saves money on water bills and helps growers continue to produce during times of drought or low water supply. They also help to increase the overall productivity of the greenhouse and speeds up the growing time for the plants.

Humidity in Wine Cellars

Wineries that produce the finest wines in the country realize how important it is to have the right level of moisture in their wine rooms. Once wine is made it is put in wood barrels to rest and enhance the flavor. The wood barrels that the wine is stored in often will dry out leaching moisture from the wine that is stored inside of it. This not only compromises the flavor and quality of the wine but it also results in lower yields for vinters. Wine makers who install a humidity control system have higher output of better quality wine. The barrels that they use will also last longer, which saves them money over time.

Humidity in Supermarkets

Supermarkets use misting systems to keep their produce fresh and improve the overall quality of the food that they sell. Since fruits and vegetables are largely made of water a misting system will help prevent the produce from getting dried out. It also helps keep them cool and appealing to customers. Humidity systems are also often used in the fish and meat areas of grocery stores where they help prevent dehydration and keep the products at the optimal temperature for health and safety.

Humidity in Textile Industries

There are many benefits of having the proper level of humidity in textile operations. A good humidity misting system will increase the output speed for machines, eliminate static electricity, reduce deformations and curl in materials, improve mechanical processes and reduce the amount of dust in the air.

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