24″ AC Snap-Fan

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30-70% more efficient than competing fans
High-efficiency industrial-grade Brushless Servo Motor. 120 VAC and 208/230 VAC.
Motor made in USA. Water resistant, O-ring seals, IP54.
Includes liquid tight conduit 5ft lead wires.
Programmable motor can be set to run at a discrete speed from 350-1800 RPM and/or 0-10v controlled variable speed.
Soft start, thermal roll back and locked rotor protection are standard features.
Custom configuration options to fit your application
Patented low vibration aerodynamic motor mounting system reduces noise and improves efficiency.
Glass reinforced polypropylene airfoil blade offers high efficiency and durability
Rugged corrosion resistant frame molded to maximize airflow
All parts serviceable and/or replaceable

Variable Speed Controllers available:
Single Zone EC Controller
Multi Zone EC Controller

CAUTION: Fan speed cannot be varied by any external means, including but not limited to VFD, TRIAC and PWM.


Spec Sheet
Mounting Hole Diagram
Wire Diagram

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Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 33 × 33 in