60HZ Pulley Drive Misting Pump

60HZ Pulley Drive Misting Pump

The 60 Hz pulley drive mist pumps are industrial duty outdoor rated pumps designed for 24/7 use under normal operating conditions. This range is ideal for industrial and commercial applications where quality and durability are the primary considerations.

This range of misting pumps includes the highest rating of any pump in the industry. They include thermal protection for the motor, thermal protection for all branch circuits, short circuit protection for the entire unit, and a low water safety switch which will prevent the mist pump from operating with insufficient water supply. These upgrades make this range the most protected product in the industry.

This mist pump range utilizes a low speed 4 pole motor and a pulley/belt transmission reducing the operating speed of the bare pump as low as 500 rpm. This reduces noise and vibration for the system and extends the operating life of the pump.

The pumps is fully enclosed in a rust proof powder coated housing and includes an integrated exhaust fan, an On/Off switch, an inlet solenoid valve, a low water safety switch, an adjustable pressure regulator with internal bypass, a thermal relief valve, a glycerin filled pressure gauge, rubber isolation feet, an analog hour meter, and a complete filter assembly including canister, cartridge, tubing and fittings.

These units are available in a variety of sizes for 115V and 230V 60 Hz. All Fogco pulley drive misting pumps carry a 5 year warranty.

Additional information for the individual pumps can be viewed by clicking on the pump description below. If you need custom capability or need something added to the pump, feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 480 507 6478 or fill out the Drop Us A Line contact form in the right hand margin.

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