Custom Humidification Systems

Fogco designs and builds a wide range of custom mist pumps for industrial humidification and odor/dust control. The pumps can be built for all 50Hz/60Hz single or three phase power supplies.

All units include thermal protection on the motor circuit and branch circuits and include high quality industrial components from ABB, Danfoss, and CAT Pump.

The operation of the system can be based on temperature, humidity, or time. The system can be built to accommodate remote operational control or integration into an existing building maintenance system.

The Fogco range of custom pumps are available in two different sized enclosures or, for larger pumps, an open table design is also available. For pumps over 7.5 GPM or more than 4 zones, a custom built unit strut stand is included.

The Fogco custom pump range includes a variety of added components to enhance system performance or system control. These options include Programmable Logic Control (PLC) , Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) inverters, integration of the Revolution Fog Fans and FOGCOntroller, inclusion of high efficiency motors, Increased bare pump capacity, low and high pressure safety switches, electric zone and drain valves, and automated air purge capability.

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